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    Complying with this requirement, the Romanian legislator constantly brings amendments which, in criminal matters, involve an interdisciplinary approach, imposing compliance with general principles of law and with principles specific for the protection of human rights and for European Union law. The conclusions of the author are that, even workplace dating waiver the mentioned methodology is lacking, those concerned have the right to receive the additional payment in question.

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    Case-law phenomenon is an object of analysis for the legal science, in terms of external factors that configure and influence it. The case-law revival noticed partially and specifically after also in Romania, given the transition, is expected to fully manifest itself in the following period, just after the end of the legislative reform, realized by the adoption and entering into force of the new codes.

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    It begins with an analysis of the rational value of amendments brought to the offence of concealment Article of the new Criminal Code and continues with the analysis of other problems raised by this offence, workplace dating waiver either have not yet found a satisfactory solution or have solutions, but they are not known, understood and unanimously adopted in the criminal law practice.

    Following a brief introduction, the author focuses on impediments to marriage resulting from natural kinship, kinship resulted from adoption and kinship in case of medically-assisted human reproduction with a third donor. The final part is devoted to the conclusions which can be drawn from this study.

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    The starting point of this paper is the fact that donations and liberalities have been under the influence of special legal regimes, different from those of onerous legal documents. Even though donations are, in principle, irrevocable legal acts, the legislator has instituted special cases of revocation thereof, in order to avoid or limit prodigality acts and undesired effects on the interests of the donor or of the persons close to this donor.

    It was particularly on these causes of revocation of donations that the author focused his scientific endeavour, by analyzing doctrine and case-law and by formulating his own opinions and de lege ferenda proposals, so that legal rules in the examined area be harmonized with the public order interests.

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    The study also relates to the new criminal regulations the new Criminal Code as regards the criminal acts of revocation of donations for ingratitude. Likewise, where deemed appropriate, some opinions have been substantiated and various de lege ferenda proposals have been made.

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    The appeal on law promoted in administrative disputes is also analyzed. The author comes to the conclusion that, even when the judicial remedy of appeal ex novo is suppressed, the appeal on law preserves its nature of extraordinary remedy. The current regulation in this matter Article of the Civil Procedure Code is significantly superior to the previous one.

    The interpretation and the application of these provisions require some specifications or nuances, which are subject to this study.