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This campaign brings a small twist to the saturated online dating page. C-Date created and is the main player in this new segment and continues to see its popularity grow. But what is it all about?

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The site focuses on helping rich and beautiful people find each other so that they can get mutual benefit from each other. The site is quite new, so it does not have so many people.

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In Norway, the page has per. How many women and men do they want to say nothing about.

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The dating site is the first of its kind and it caters to a specific group of people. It has become the largest meeting place for single and divorced parents in the Nordic countries. More than 30 million members in 37 countries around the world rely on be2, developed by a team of expert psychologists, sociologists, and statisticians.

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Although it is similar to sister project C-date in many ways, Lisa18 is aimed towards the younger and wilder group. With almost 13 million users, one can see that the newer generation is just as naughty as the mature populace.

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