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Link to relevant study record s Description of key information Short description of key information on bioaccumulation potential result: After i.

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Key value for chemical safety regula de 7 dating age Additional information Metabolism of the double bond of AGE leading to formation of the reactive epoxides I and III was investigated in mice administered by i. The levels of AGEVal in the mice treated with AGE by skin application varied between individual animals and were considerably lower than those found in mice treated by i.

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These observations may be explained by different disposition of AGE following i. Probably formation of I and III mainly occurs in the liver.

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A more extensive formation of I and III following i. After penetration through the skin, a larger fraction of the compound is systemically distributed. Adducts to N-terminal valine in haemoglobin were analysed.

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This adduct can be formed after Pcatalysed epoxidation or epoxide hydrolase-catalysed hydrolysis of AGE. The study shows that after i. In another study Pérez et al. The animals were sacrificed 24 h after injection and blood was collected in heparinised tubes.

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Hemoglobin adducts were assessed in the blood samples using the N-alkyl Edman method. The adduct levels were similar 24 h and 21 days after exposure.

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The result indicates that adducts are chemically stable and that the exposure had no influence on the turnover of erythrocytes the life span of erythrocytes in the mouse is about 40 days or a stability of the hemoglobin molecule itself. In the same study, erythrocytes isolated from mouse, or human whole blood were treated with AGE at 37° C in-vitro, and the adduct levels were determined.

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It was found that the rate constants for the reaction of AGE with N-terminal valine residues in haemoglobin were similar in mouse and human erythrocytes. Discussion on absorption rate: In the same metabolism study as discussed above in chapter 7.

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The other adducts were below the detection limit. Information on Registered Substances comes from registration dossiers which have been assigned a registration number.

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