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Tuniz, J. R Bird, D. Fink, and G. F Herzog.

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Accelerator Mass Spectrometry: Ultrasensitive analysis for global science. CRC Press.

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Buy this Book at Amazon. E Taylor and M. J Aitken. Chronometric dating in Archaeology.

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Advances in Archaeological and Museum Science, volume 2. Oxford University, England. Gove, H. Inst of Physics Pub. Available at Amazon.

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Wagner, G. Relic,Icon or Hoax? ISBN: Science-based Dating in Archaeology. Longman, England.

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Two chapters on radiocarbon dating. Radiocarbon Dating.

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British Museum Publications, London. Buy this Book, and read editorial reviews Bowman, S. Questions of Chronology.

Truth behind carbon dating

In, Science and The Past. Bowman, S. British Museum Press.

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Springer-Verlag, NY. Gillespie, R. Radiocarbon User's Handbook. Oxford-Oxonian Rewley Press.

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An Interdisciplinary Perspective. Springer - Verlag, NY. Also contains an interesting resume of the history of radiocarbon dating with reminiscences by Arnold and Suess.

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An archaeological perspective. Chapters on measurement methods, pretreatments, calibration and a historical perspective on the development of the technique.