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Show less Language resources The term language resources refers to sets of language data and descriptions in machine readable form, including written and spoken corpora, grammars, and terminology databases. Language resources can be used to build, improve, or evaluate natural language systems such as machine translation engines.

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Show more Why are language resources needed? Large general domain corpora, whether monolingual e. Significant amounts of valuable linguistic data are generated every day in all Member States, and in the CEF-affiliated countries, non-governmental and private organisations.

Dictate în limba rusă. Gradul 5 Forme de lucru care vor ajuta la depășirea barierei lingvistice. Bariera lingvistică: principalele motive și modalități de depășire Forme de lucru care vor ajuta la depășirea barierei lingvistice. Bariera lingvistică: principalele motive și modalități de depășire Barieră. De obicei motivul acestei stări este frica interioară de a greși, de a părea amuzant, doar deschizând gura.

AT platform. The European Language Dating bariera lingvistică Coordination action is looking for open data that can be made available for re-use through open data initiatives, but also for commercially available datasets.

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Language Resources for CEF. AT platform Some datasets produced by public administrations can be used directly by the Automated Translation system: aligned corpora from translation memories, terminology resources, lexica and dictionaries. Many other resources are published as information documents reports, guides, flyers, records of administrative decisions, etc.

Which types of data are useful for MT training?

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To meet the Automated Translation requirements, relevant Language Resources are of various types: Translation memories: linguistic databases that capture translations made by humans. These could be public services with a mission at the national, regional, local, cross-border or cross-country bi-lateral, multi-lateral level, as well as international organizations with a European basis and mission, including Head of State offices, national or federal ministries, parliaments, regional governments, local authorities, etc.

These could be public administrations responsible for online e-government platforms and services in the CEF-relevant areas e.

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